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About identitart

Turning Interest into Action

The Identitart project aims to increase the visibility of population diversity and help young migrants develop a positive social identity through art. As the phenomenon of migration has intensified, the issue of social integration has begun to assume great importance. For there to be integration, several factors contribute, including language learning and job search, but also a sense of belonging and maintaining an active role in society and contact with other individuals through cultural events.

Project activities
To address the issue of social inclusion and participation of migrant youth in European societies, the project will develop with the contribution of partners activities with different methodologies addressed to youth workers and migrant youth themselves. In terms of activities, two different types of training will be used: one aimed at youth professionals with artistic techniques and the other aimed at young migrants to teach them how to create an awareness campaign. 


Expected outcomes from Identitart include a manual for youth workers to gather tools to work on identity and empowerment through art and an awareness campaign on social inclusion developed by youth. Other planned goals include training practitioners in innovative and quality techniques for working on youth inclusion and participation through art; improving for migrant youth their inclusion, communication skills, and sense of belonging; and creating a tool for expression, visibility, and participation in society; raising awareness of cultural diversity in the EU and the added value of young migrants to society; constructive dialogue and building links between young migrants and professionals from different countries and backgrounds in the field of education and youth with the promotion of different approaches and visions on social inclusion and youth education.

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