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Newsletter 3 // LTTA on Awareness Campaign, a Transformative Learning Experience in Nicosia, Cyprus

Updated: Apr 12

Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (LTTA) in Nicosia, 04 -08 / 03 / 2024

Embark on a journey through the heart of Nicosia, Cyprus, where art meets innovation and inclusion. As part of the Identit-Art project, we recently concluded 3 days of enriching training organized by our partner, CSI Cyprus. Here's a glimpse into our transformative experience:

Young participants and professionals from the Identit-Art Project, representing CSI Cyprus, Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (Spain), and ICSE (Italy), converged in Nicosia for immersive training on innovative techniques in social inclusion through art. The objective? To create an Awareness Raising Campaign for social inclusion through art for the partner entities represented to generate impactful outcomes in their respective countries.

We are thrilled to share highlights from our recent Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (LTTA) in Nicosia, Cyprus, organized by our esteemed partner, CSI. Here's a brief overview of our enriching experience:

  • Day 1: CSI's social media manager, led an engaging training session on content creation and management for social platforms. Participants gained valuable insights into effective strategies for online engagement.

  • Day 2: Participants embarked on a guided tour of Nicosia, exploring significant locations relevant to social media campaigns, such as Blue Nose, which aids asylum seekers in Cyprus. In the afternoon, participants applied their learnings by creating impactful videos showcasing artistic spots in the city, discussing IdentitArt, and conducting street interviews on migration and art-related topics.

  • Day 3: The culmination of the LTTA saw participants presenting their work and receiving constructive feedback from social media professionals. The day was also marked by a celebration of Greek culture with Smoked Thursday (Tsiknopempti), fostering camaraderie and a sense of achievement among the participants.

We are thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead as we collaborate on our Awareness Raising Campaign for social inclusion through art. The insights gained from our LTTA experience will be instrumental in furthering the goals of the Identit-Art project.

Stay tuned for our upcoming news!

Identit-Art is a pioneering initiative dedicated to harnessing the power of art for social inclusion. With partners across Europe, we aim to create a more inclusive society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

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