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Newsletter 2 // Piloting Phase of Work Package 2, putting the training event into action!

Updated: Jan 25

Between November to December 2023, the consortium of the project IdentitArt piloted the material that was created as part of Work Package 2, which was also the content of the training event that took place in Madrid in September 2023.

Techniques from all different modalities; art, music, theater, painting, and photography were piloted. Partners separated the different techniques proposed in the manual between them, to make sure that as much of the material as possible is covered. 60 young migrants (ages 18-30) from all 3 different countries, Cyprus, Spain, and Italy got to experiment and experience the different activities. Feedback was provided by both the young migrants and the facilitators who took part in the piloting events, to make any necessary changes needed to make the material as appropriate and user-friendly as possible.

Next steps

Participants will be meeting in December in Cyprus, to catch up with the progress of the piloting events and to plan the next steps which will lead to Work Package 3 and the design of an awareness-raising campaign!

Stay tuned for our upcoming news!

Newsletter Identitart#2_EN
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Newsletter Identitart#2_ES
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Newslettere Identitart#2_GR
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Newslettere Identitart#2_IT
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