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Newsletter 1 // Madrid 19-21 Sep 2023 Learning, teaching, training experience.

Training on innovative techniques in social inclusion through art for professionals

Between the 19th and the 21st of September, Guaraní Association held the Training on innovative techniques in social inclusion through art for professionals of the Identit-Art Project. Professionals from all the project partners: CSI (Cyprus), Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (Spain), and ICSE (Italy) came to Madrid to learn and share innovative techniques including arts to help with the inclusion of young migrants.

The different techniques that we practiced were: music, photography, theater, and painting. The objective behind these activities is to work on a deeper level with young migrants to help their process of integration. For this, we have the following concepts in our minds: identity, sense of belonging, self-concept, relationship with peers and self-expression.

The participants have acquired interesting techniques that can be taken back to their countries and implemented in their organizations. We have tested some of the activities of the manual so that we can make improvements on it and good practices could be shared between the professionals assisting.

The professionals from CSI were leading the activity of music “Building bonds through music improvisation”. With this dynamic, we promote the self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork of the participants.

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras guided us in the theater activity “Scene Creation” in which we worked on creativity and communication skills through improvisation and collaboration.

The team of ICSE introduced to us the activity of “Collage your experience”. Through this artistic technique, the participants created a common collage sharing their experiences and inspirations.

Guaraní was presenting the activity of photography “looking for connection”. The participants work on concepts like identity and self-concept by developing their creativity in this technique.

We are very satisfied with the results of the training and the progress that the Identit-Art project is making. Little by little we are getting to the objectives of the project and helping young migrants in their social inclusion through arts!

Stay tuned for the upcoming events!

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