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Identitart Kickoff Meeting 19-21 April 2023

The KA2 Identitart project on social inclusion issues can finally start with the kick-off meeting held April 2023

in Madrid. During the meeting, the Identitart project have been presented and the tasks of the partners involved will be clearly outlined. Guarani, the coordinating association, will be in charge of managing all the communication aspect of Identitart, as well as monitoring the entire course of the project.

At the meeting, Guarani, the coordinating association, which is responsible for the budget and execution of the entire project, will present the financial rules for managing the project, which will be made available for consultation.

Thus begins the first management phase of a project that aims to improve the inclusiveness of migrant youth by promoting the visibility of diversity in European society through the work of partners such as ICSE, CSI and Solidaridad Sin Fronteras.

During subsequent events, the project and its results will be presented in order to disseminate them and generate impact among the community at the local level. Special materials (posters, sample manuals or diaries) may be prepared, and a questionnaire will be administered at the end of each event to collect participants' perceptions of the project, its results, and the development of the event.

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